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Free Palettes for use with Aseprite (Donations optional, not required).  Contains the following palettes:

What these palettes contain

  • Game Boy High Contrast (True Game Boycolors)
  • Game Boy Medium Contrast
  • Game Boy Low Contrast
  • Game Boy Pocket (Black and White, different from Game BoyColor Grayscale)
  • Game Boy Color Palettes:
    • Brown
    • Pastel
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Dark Blue
    • Dark Green
    • Dark Brown
    • Yellow
    • Grayscale (Different from Game Boy Pocket)
    • Inverted


  • The "Game Boy High Contrast" color palette is the closest approximation to the Gameboy DMG-01's true colors.  However, since the visual fidelity of these colors may be harsh on the eyes, I've also included two approximations, "Game Boy Medium Contrast" (My personal favourite), and "Game Boy Low Contrast".
  • The Game Boy Pocket's grayscale is slightly darker than the Gameboy Color's grayscale.
  • The Game Boy Color has up to 32,768 colors.  However, when inserting a cartridge made for the original Game Boy DMG-01, the player had the option of selecting from a few different palettes, which is what these palettes are from.

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